This form contains a few questions and most should be very easy and quick. Most people will save $100 to over $200 by filling out this form. By doing this yourself on line you are helping us spend less time on booking and more time on creating great music for your event. That’s why if you fill out all the underlined fields (ones in large print) we’re also happy to give you an automatic $15 discount (to use towards this booking). The more information that you fill out the more likely we can give you the best deal and the most accurate quote right away. This form will also help you think through some of the logistics of your event and help make it as smooth as possible. We thank you for your help and understanding! If you are not sure on a particular question just answer as best you can. If you find you have questions or comments while filling out this form please include those in the box called “Event Description.”

Remember to fill out all underlined fields if you would like the additional $15 discount!

Company :

Your or your client’s company, library, school, or theater. If you are presenting the event independently of an organization please enter “me”.

First Name :

Your first name.

Last Name :

Your last name.

Email :

Please provide the best email to get back in touch with you.

Phone :

Please provide the best email to get back in touch with you.

How Did You Hear :

About Us?

Please choose from this drop down menu how you found out about us.


Street Address of :


City of Performance :

State of Performance :

Please make sure to fill this in if your event is outside of Washington State.

Zip Code of Performance :
Country of Performance :

Please make sure to fill this in if your event is outside of the United States.


Type of Performance :

Please choose one of the 4 options from the drop down menu above.

Private – Choose this option for private events or concerts of any kind.

Public – Choose this option for events or concerts that are open to the general public.

Wedding – Please choose this option for weddings, rehearsal dinners, or any wedding related event.


Covered Performance :


For outdoor performances we require a performance area that is protected by cover for the duration of the performance as rain and direct sunlight are extremely harmful to the musical equipment. Pop up 10X10 tents are great for rain or shine and picnic umbrellas work fine for sunshine. Steel drums are surprisingly fragile, very difficult to obtain, and even harder to keep in tune, so cover is very important.

No Cover – Please choose this option if you are unable to provide protection from either rain or sunshine the as described above.

Rain Cover – You cannot provide shade for the instruments in the planned performance location but have an alternate location that will protect the musicians and equipment from getting wet if it rains. YOU'LL SAVE $30!

Complete Cover-Indoors –Choose this option if your performance will be indoors or if you I can provide cover from sun and rain as described above. YOU'LL SAVE $100!


I am a Member of :

Please check this box if you are a member of our web site, Members of receive a discount on all bookings (currently 5% off the base price!!). As a member you will receive occasional updates on Ian's performance schedule and musical activities. Members also have the option to study music on line through Rhythm Trek, connect with other people with similar musical interests, and much more!

Don't worry about lots of extra email as a member. You can opt out of our regular email newsletter at any time. If you opt out you will only receive a few communications per year

If you are not yet a member and would like to please click here to open a new browser window for you to join right now. Once you sign up you can return to this window and complete the form.


Number of Performers :

Please enter the number of musicians that you imagine seeing performing for your presentation. The Pan Leggo Steelband is available as a duo, trio, or quartet.

Your Description-Notes-Questions :

Please use the space above if you wish to describe your event, ask any questions you may have, elaborate on any logistical issues, etc.

Setup-Breakdown Time :

It is standard for us to begin load in/setup at least 1.5 hours early and we like to have at least 1 hour to load out/break down.

Please check the box above if our standard load in/breakdown timing will work for your event.

If your event schedule does not permit your standard load in/load out timing please explain your in the box below when we would be able to begin loading in and when we would need to be completely loaded out.

Special Load In-Load Out Timing :


Performance Locations :

Please choose the option from the drop-down menu above that best fits your plan for your event.

Musicians in One Location (RECOMMENDED)– choose this option if musicians will be in one location the entire performance.

Roving Part of Time – Choose this option if you would like us to perform roving music for short periods of time (generally 15 minutes maximum)

2 or More Locations - Generally speaking we do have a lot of equipment and aren't terribly portable. In certain situations a move can be arranged though. Please choose this option if you are interested in having us perform in multiple locations at your event. We will need to discuss this with you to see if it is feasible.


I Want the Pan :

Leggo Steelband

Please check here to indicate that you understand that you are inquiring about a performance by the “Pan Leggo Steelband” and not by “Ian Dobson’s Pan Leggo” and that this performance may not include Ian Dobson, does not include a sound system so does not have the ability to cover large areas with sound outdoors, does not include crowd interaction, and provides primarily background music.


Repertoire :

Please check this box to indicate that you are happy for us to perform your standard repertoire of fun, tropical music at my event. Please click here to view a list of our current standard repertoire

If you have specific songs you would like performed at your event, please list them the song titles below. Please be aware that we generally have to charge extra for arranging and rehearsing song requests that aren't already on our standard repertoire list above.

Custom Song Requests :


How Did You Find Us-Other :

If you heard about us some way that wasn’t listed above in the question “how did you hear about us,” please explain here how you found us.


Sound Engineer Contact Info :

If you are providing a sound engineer and sound system for your event please provide in the box above the sound engineer contact information (name, email, phone).

Standard Power :

Please check this box to indicate that you can provide our standard power requirements.

The Pan Leggo Steelband Duo works well as an all acoustic act and does not require power.

The Pan Leggo Steelband trio and quartet are available all acoustically as well, but we highly recommend that you provide power for them so that the bass player can be amplified. The impact of the performance is much better with electric bass!

Our standard power requirement is one standard (120v AC 60Hz 20amps) electrical outlet (extension chords okay) within five feet of the performance area. Generators are generally not acceptable as our electronic gear is high-end and can be damaged by generators.


Free Parking Provided :

Please check this box if you are able to provide free parking for each band member within 1 or 2 blocks of the performance site (4 parking spots for 4 musicians, 3 spots for 3 musicians, etc.) If we have to go a long distance to find parking it can interfere with our ability to start on time.

If you are unable to provide parking that is free and/or within 1 or 2 blocks of the performance site then parking time and fees will be included in the musicians fee.

Load In :

We do have a fair bit of equipment so it is important for us to plan our load in and load out. Please choose the correct option above so that we can plan accordingly and make sure our performance goes smoothly.

Easy Load In-Out – Please choose this option if loading from vehicles to the performance area musical equipment will NOT have to be carried up more than 5 steps or rolled more than 100 feet.

Difficult Load-Helper Provided – Please choose this option if the load in involves more than 5 steps and-or 100 feet but you can provide at least

One able bodied helper up to 2 hours in advance of our setup complete time and up to 2 hours after our finish time. Hey everyone has dreamed of being a roadie at some point!

Difficult Load-No Helper Provided – Choose this option if the load in is involves more than 5 steps and-or 100 feet and you are unable to provide a helper as described above. We will need to charge extra for your event to pay a roadie.


Thank you so much for filling out this form! We can’t put on a great show without your help, and by providing us with all of this information we are well on the way to planning a successful event together.

Please check back and make sure you filled out all the fields that were underlined (and in large print) so that we can offer you the $15 discount towards this performance for filling out this form. If you did not check parking, power, and/or standard repertoire then we will be in touch to discuss these items before giving you a quote.

Please look for an email from us shortly with our best pricing and suggestions for your event.  We are thrilled to be working with you on this!

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