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Please fill out the following basic information about your event and we'll get back to you with an email (or call if you prefer) as soon as possible with our availability and some general pricing estimates.  The more information you provide the more accurate will be the price estimate.  Please make sure and fill out the required fields.

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Presenter (Your Name if You Are Unsure) :



Who is presenting the performance (e.g. you, your boss, your client, a company, a library, a school, a theater, etc.)

Email   :


Please provide the best email to get back in touch with you with a price quote.


Phone   :

Please provide the best phone number to get back in touch with any questions we may have.


 Performance City   :


Please enter the city or town where the performance will take place.


Performance State   :

If performance will take place outside Washington State please specify the state here.

Performance Country   :

If performance will take place outside the United States please specify the state here.


 Event Type   :


Please choose the option from the drop-down menu above that best describes your event.  Please choose "wedding" for any event related to a wedding (for example a rehearsal dinner).

Weekday   :

Please check this box if the date you wish us to perform is a Monday through Thursday.  We offer approximately a 10% discount for weekday performances.

Low Season   :

Please check this box if the date you wish us to perform falls during the months of October, November, or January through April.  We offer approximately a 10% discount for such low season performances.


Performance Duration-Full Hours Only   :


Please enter the length of the performance INCLUDING all breaks, early setup and/or late tear down (in other words please enter the total time musicians need to be set up).  For example, if you want a performance from 7pm to 8pm but musicians need to be done setting up by 6pm and can't break down until 9pm then please enter 3 hours.  We charge for full hours only, so the form will not accept half hours or other fractions.  For example, if you need us set up for 2.25 hours, please enter 3 hours instead.

Number of Musicians   :


Please enter the number of musicians that you imagine seeing performing for your presentation.  If you are on a tight budget then the solo is the best choice and is the most frequently-booked choice, but we will provide more information on all the different options in a follow-up email.

Date of Performance-Finish Setup Time   : MM/dd/yyyy    


Please enter the date of the performance in the format given (MM/dd/yyyy) followed by the time when musicians need to be done setting up and sound checking, even if they don't start playing until later.

If you have filled out all the information please click "save" below and we will get back to you with availability and pricing estimates as soon as possible.


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