Ian's two main featured workshops are:

1. Recycalypso

Creativity, Music, Culture, Technology

Steel drums are a beautiful, highly sophisticated instrument that are able to play any kind of music... but they were created out of metal junk by people in the Caribbean. In the Recycalypso workshop Ian takes this amazing example of the steel drum and uses it to inspire kids to use their own resourcefulness and creativity to invent their own musical instrument out of recycled materials.  Target age group is 6 through 12 years old.  High School and College version also available.

2. Bucket Drumming Remix

Acoustics, Music, Technology, Culture

How are the Caribbean Islands, physics, music, and computers related?  Attendees find out while playing bucket drums and helping to produce their own musical recording!  Fine for all ages of kids, but the target audience is Middle School, Junior High and Teen (ages 13-18).  College version also available.

3. Samba Junk Band

COMING FOR SUMMER 2016!  This is a variation on the bucket drumming workshop that focuses on Brazilian music.  It fits with the CLSP Reads 2016 teen theme of Get in the Game: READ!  Target audience is Middle School, Junior High and Teen (ages 13-18).  College version also available.

4. Custom Workshops

Customized workshops and educational experiences are also available.  Topics can include Caribbean dance and music clinics; guest appearances with concert or jazz bands at high schools and colleges; guest teaching in Spanish and Portuguese; and computer clinics exploring MIDI sequencing, music notation, and digital recording.



Please get in touch for more information:


Ian Dobson

P.O. Box 95212

Seattle, WA 98145-2212



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