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2014 Ian Dobson's Recycalypso Midwest Solo Tour-Part 2

As I mentioned, my drive to my first gig in Nebraska was a bit of a haze. I remember stopping somewhere in the mountains in Montana late at night and finding a hotel to sleep in. Turned out it was next to the train tracks, crude oil trains running back and forth all night... I slept for maybe 4 or 5 hours then got on my way again. Things got a little dicey later on Sunday with my wakefulness so I had to stop and take a nap in my car. By Sunday night I really wasn’t sure if I would make it…


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Recycalypso Beat for Students, by Del Bartels (from the Pioneer Review Newpaper, South Dakota)

Ian Dobson got elementary students into the beat during the Dakota Assemblies session in the school gymnasium, Thursday, Nov. 20.
Using various percussion instruments, Dobson had the audience clapping, dancing and doing the limbo. Individuals and small groups of volunteers joined him front and center to illustrate the ease of learning rhythms. He demonstrated that rhythm is everywhere, from running in place, dribbling a basketball, to creating your own instruments out of…

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2014 Ian Dobson's Recycalypso Midwest Solo Tour-Part 1

I got a random call around August of 2013 asking if I wanted to do a solo tour of schools all over the Midwest during the 2014/2015 school year.  If you are making a living as a musician you should be somewhat used to booking out a year or more in advance.  Nevertheless, this offer made me nervous.  Not only was it far in the future but the schedule and transportation elements sounded… basically they sounded impossible.  If I were to do this tour I would need to drive alone to the Midwest…


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Gratefulness for This Week of Music

An intense flurry of gigs and workshops over the past week or so.  So very rewarding!  Being a full-time musician is very hard work.  This week it felt worth it, like I was inspiring people and making a difference.  Thank you so much to King County Libraries, Pierce County Library System, and especially to Gilbert Elementary in Yakima.  Also much gratefulness to all the fabulous musicians I work with when I am not performing solo.  And a big big thanks to all the young people that inspired…


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My Rhythm Trek Vacation for 2012

I’ve just returned from the Caribbean and Panama Canal on Holland America’s Statendam where I was performing and teaching steel drums to passengers. I met so many great people and they were so excited to learn about the music of the region. For a number of them studying steel drums was on their bucket list. What an honor to help them achieve an item on their list! Below is a video with a few sights and sounds from this musical adventure……


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Caribbean Music at Crossroads Shopping Center

Hello Caribbean Music Lovers,

We have a last minute show that should be a lot of fun at Crossroads Shopping Center.  If you haven’t been there it is probably the coolest “mall” around.  They have a great stage in the middle of the building and have many live music and cultural events there.  We will be the opening act for their 21st Annual Cultural Crossroads Festival!
Friday, November 4th, 4pm to 4:50pm,…

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Summer 2010 Musical Adventures


Island Time Oasis Begins


There hasn’t been a ton of sun this summer in the Northwest… so far…


But I am trying to provide the perfect solution!


Tomorrow we start “Island Time Oasis” at the sophisticated and elegant Willows Lodge, just across the street from Chateau Ste. Michelle winery in Woodinville, WA.


Our goal is to take our listeners away on a mid-week Caribbean escape.  We’ll do this every week through August…


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Blog Posts from the High Seas--Musical Adventure on a Cruise Ship Fall/Winter 2009/2010



Hello Everyone!


Well, here it is at last, my music-travel blog.  I’ve been wanting to make this happen for years now.  I’m helping that this blog will help me to realize my life vision: to bring the world together in a small way through music and technology.  For all of you who love music and travel and are interested in creative new ways that we can use technology to break down barriers of distance and culture and enhance self-expression, this is the…


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Recycalypso Workshop at SVC Rocked!

">… Continue

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Skagit Valley College-Bust Out those Recycled Rhythms!

Hey Skagit Valley College,

Check out the Recycled Rhythms group and join in the music creation on line.

I hope this video inspires you to go out and find some recycled sounds, create some excellent music with those sounds, capture that music on video and/or audio, and post the files… Continue

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Interlake Percussion Scores High at Solo Ensemble Competition

Both the upper class percussion ensemble and the 9th grade percussion ensemble did great at the Solo Ensemble Competition. Ceremonium earned a 1 and Dynamo earned a 1-. Solo entries did well also.

Great Job Interlake Percussion!

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