All Ages Steel Drum Shows and Happiest Happy Hours

Hello Everyone,

I have many more private events this month but only two more public ones… so I’d love to see you at one of them!  Both of these events are all ages and fun family environments.

I want to invite everyone out to what is truly one of the best happy hours in the Seattle area.  Plus it seems to be the most economical, which we can all appreciate these days.  I’m playing tomorrow (Wednesday, August 10th from 5pm to 7pm) at the Sorrento.  When I did this last month it was a really fabulous event.  The hotel closes off the courtyard in front of the hotel to traffic and puts out tables.   Did I mention how tasty the food was?  Wow!  I’m playing as a solo but will probably have a guest or two sitting in with me.

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Here’s a picture from last month at the Sorrento: 



On Saturday I’ll have my duo in Sammamish from 2:15pm to 3pm.  This should be a very interactive show with lots of kids participating.  Fun! 

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Last night I went down to a new club in Ballard and sat in on steel drum, percussion, and vocals.  It was a great session and I’m planning to be back next Monday, August 15th.  Music starts around 9:30pm and I’ll be sitting in with some of the hottest local jazz/Latin/Brazilian musicians in town.  The bar is called Paratii. 

Click here to listen to a little sampling of some of my musical adventures in the past few weeks with my band.  Enjoy!


Keep dancin’ 

Ian Dobson 


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