Bring Your Invented Instruments-Noon Year's Steel Drum Party!

I hope everyone is having a happy, PANtastic holiday season!  I am back in town after a wonderful and rewarding 7.5-week, 76-show solo tour around the Midwest.  After driving 10 or 11 thousand miles and so many wonderful experiences I am excited to share my tour tales with everyone and very much looking forward to bringing more of my musical ideas to life in 2015.

In fact, if you have kids in your life, or even if you don’t, I would love for you to join our steel drum party to celebrate Noon Years Eve!  I will be performing with Christian Krehbiel and Ernesto Pediangco and we will play festive music from around the world.  We will even have a countdown to noon!  This is a great way for kids who need to go to bed before midnight to ring in the new year.

I sure hope you will come and bring the kids!  And if you do come, I hope you will encourage the kids to invent their own Noon Year’s Musical Instrument.  This instrument can represent something that your child wishes for in 2015 or it can just be a fun, cool sounding instrument.  And by "kids" I mean people ages 0 to 95 :)

**Wednesday, December 31st, 2014, 11:30am to 12:30pm, King County Library System-Bellevue Library (Room #1), 1111 110th Avenue NE, Bellevue, WA 98004


Noon Year's Steel Drum Party @ Bellevue Library
Celebrate the noon year with a steel drum party and songs and sounds from around the world.  Featuring Caribbean steel drums, percussion from around the world, and children’s original recycled-musical-instrument inventions!  Seating is limited.  First come, first seated.  Sponsored by Bellevue Friends of the Library. 

More information at:

Here are the instructions for how to make your New Year’s Musical Invention:

1. Think of a wish for 2015 (optional).
2. Look around you in your house.  Find interesting-sounding recycled materials from the recycling bin or elsewhere.  The only rules are A. NO GLASS, B. NOTHING SHARP (so make sure and remove sharp edges from tin cans, etc.), C. MAKE SURE THE ITEM IS CLEAN.  Listen to the sounds they make.  If you have a wish for 2015 decide how to make an instrument that sounds like your wish.
3. If you want you can combine materials as well using tape or other methods.  How would that tea box sound taped to the top of the plastic yogurt container?  How would it sound to use noodles, beans, or other food items to turn your recycled item into a shaker.
4. Maybe you want to decorate your recycled instrument with paint or any other method?  This is a great opportunity to show your wish for 2015 with your decorations!
5. When you finish, figure out all the ways you can make sounds with your recycled instrument.  Can you hit it with your hand to make a nice sound?  Can you hit it with a stick and make a cool sound?  What happens if you hit it in different spots, does it make different sounds?  Is it louder when you play it one way then when you play it another way?  Can you shake it and make a sound?  How many different ways can you shake it?
6. Come up with a name for your instrument.  You can name it with your wish for 2015.  For example, “MorePlayTimeWithFriends” could be a name.  If you don’t want to name it your wish you could give it a name that describes what the instrument does.  For example, one student who made a really fun looking shaker called it the supercalafradjashaker.  Or the name can have nothing to do with the sound of the instrument.  You can call your instrument “Frank” if it looks like “Frank” to you.  You can name your instrument anything you want, just be creative.
7. Practice your instrument so you learn how to play it.  Remember, you are the world’s expert on playing your instrument.
8. Bring your instrument to the Noon Year’s Steel Drum Party and help Ian and his friends make music to ring in the New Year!

Age Limit
Family program, all ages welcome!

Ticket Details
Free!  No tickets required.

Ian Dobson’s Steel Drum Party with Ian Dobson, Christian Krehbiel, and Ernesto Pediangco

Fabulous Midwest Tour!

I have so much to tell about my amazing Midwest tour!  It is hard to know where to start.  I plan to create several blog entries over the next few months to tell the tale.  Please enjoy the following first instalment.  Just click on the link below:

And please click on the link below to see a newspaper article written about my show in South Dakota:

I sure hope to see some of you at the Noon Year's Eve show!  It will be so much fun.  Please enjoy your last few days of 2014... that is plenty of time to make your New Year's Musical Invention to bring down to the show.

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