Hello Caribbean Music Lovers,

We have a last minute show that should be a lot of fun at Crossroads Shopping Center.  If you haven’t been there it is probably the coolest “mall” around.  They have a great stage in the middle of the building and have many live music and cultural events there.  We will be the opening act for their 21st Annual Cultural Crossroads Festival!
Friday, November 4th, 4pm to 4:50pm, Market Music Stage, Crossroads Shopping Center.
A big thank you to our sponsors: King County Library System & Bellevue Friends of the Library.
More information is at:
Our showcase at the big booking conference went fabulously, as did our awesome pirate-themed show in Longview.  We performed at a benefit for the Columbia Theater in Longview.  I drove by the theater the next day.  It’s a real classy old place!  We had some wonderful musicians from the Longview area sitting in with the band for most of our set.  It must be something in the water this fall... the pirate parties are elaborate, have impeccably-costumed  guests, and are just generally over the top!
Click here for excerpts from the showcase of our theater show Ian Dobson’s Caribbean Escape.
Click here for some excerpts from our showcase of my school show Ian Dobson’s Pan Leggo.
I hope to see you at Crossroads!
Keep dancin’

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