Summer seems to be mostly taking the year off.  That’s why it’s more important than ever to get out and hear some great, sunny Caribbean music.


I’ve got three public events this week for you to do just that!


I’m performing tonight at the Sorrento Hotel in downtown Seattle for their weekly block party. I’ll be there again in August and September.  I’ll play a solo show from 5pm to 7pm, but today I’ll also be joined by Brianna, my talented new backup singer.  You’ll definitely want to come out and see what it sounds like with her there.  She adds a lot!  I believe if it is raining we will be indoors in the Fireside room.  Hopefully though we’ll be partying outside!


Have you ever been to Hat Island (officially known as Guedne Island I believe)?  Have you ever heard of Hat Island?  It is a lovely little place situated between Everett and my home island of Whidbey.  I’ll be performing a free public concert there on Saturday, July 16th. They’ll also be doing lots of cleanup of the island that day and I’ll be doing my Recycalypso-themed show to tie in with that.  I can’t wait to see what sort of interesting recycled instruments, made from garbage picked up around the island, that the residents of Hat Island can come up with.  More information is at and on my calendar.



Finally, Centralia is having their first annual jazz festival and I will be there with my duo partner and long-time band member Christian Krehbiel!  Other acts at the festival include Karrin Allyson.  More information is at and on my calendar.


For your enjoyment, click here to listen to a few excerpts from a rehearsal dinner where my band and I performed last Friday at the very elegant Woodmark Hotel in Kirkland.  The incomparable Stacy Kvam was the wedding coordinator.  The recording microphone was on stage so the drums overpower everything, but you get some idea of what things sound like with our new backup singer.



If you are planning an event this summer please click here to check out my web site for event planning tips and ideas.  I have performed at countless different events and would like to begin sharing what I have learned!  


I still hope to see you this summer!


Keep dancin’


Ian Dobson


CLICK HERE for full schedule

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