Caribbean Shows and New Creations for the Fall

The next several weeks will be quite eventful for me and my band. If you’re missing summer already please come out and see us at one of these events!


This Saturday, October 8th, I’ll be performing solo at Twirl Café’s 1st Anniversary party.  Twirl Café is a great kid and family friendly coffee shop and restaurant, so if you have young ones and want to bring them to a Caribbean-themed event with great steel drum music, this party is for you!  More information at:


On Saturday, October 22nd I’m performing with my 4-piece band in Longview for the 7th annual gala fundraiser for the classicColumbia Theater, complete with contortionist and aerialists.  The theme is “Escape to Treasure Island” and it will be a “bountiful evening full of swashbuckling and hornswaggling-a blunderbuss of a good time.”  More information is at:


I’m headed to the big regional booking conference in Eugene in a week and a half.  On October 18th my entire 5-piece band will join me there to perform a showcase for regional presenters.  We are showcasing my new show Ian Dobson’s Caribbean Escape.  This show takes the audience away on vacation to the Caribbean for the evening!  Find out more about the show at:


On October 19th I’ll be performing as a guest artist on Jason Farnham’s showcase at Arts Northwest.  Jason lives in Hollywoodand writes a lot of music for television and movies (including the theme to the Dr. Oz show) and he and I have done various shows together in the past.  His web site is:


In late October or November we’ll be working on performing myIan Dobson’s Caribbean Escape show live for videotaping someplace in Seattle.  We’ll definitely let you know in case you want to come by and be in the audience!


We’re also starting on a new CD.  About time we did!


So, as you can tell, there is a lot going on!


I performed excerpts from my school and library show at a showcase a few weeks ago.  It was a lot of fun.  Here is that showcase:


And here is a picture of us rehearsing hard in our artsy rehearsal space and trying out potential costumes for the show.




Have a great October and I hope to see you at a show!


Keep dancin’


Ian Dobson


CLICK HERE for full schedule 



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