So I write music but really haven't done any lyric writing ever.  I know I want a song called Recycalypso though.  I would love to get ideas from folks!
Here is a recent stream-of-consciousness rambling about what the song should be about:
The Recycalypso song IS a childrens' song for the most part.  It would tell a bit about how people in trinidad had to make use of the junk they had around them and used their creativity and resourcefulness to come up with this amazing instrument the steel drum which you can play anything on.  Then it might talk about little Johny not having money for a musical instrument and using his creativity and resourcefulness like people in Trinidad to create a drum out of a bucket or something.  Then maybe a story about another kid making a different junk instrument.  Then there would be a break where the lyric names (or describes) the instrument first, then break where that instrument plays (the steel drum, the bucket, the shaker made out of a detergent bottle, whatever).  The idea being that if I play it live I can work the instrument name/description into the song and then give the creator of the instrument a solo break to play it.  They could also make their own version of the song by recording their instrument using basic audio software and tracking it onto my song, so they could have an actual recorded version of the song with their instrument playing on it.
Maybe one chorus told from the perspective of a trinidadian musician in the 1940s creating some of the original pans, one from the perspective of a modern trinidadian pan player playing in Panorama competition, one from the perspective of little johny who creates his own instrument out of a bucket, and one where I could fill in someone's name depending on whomever I had on stage with me who had created their own instrument and fill in the name/description of the instrument.
Here is a source for some beginning background on steel drum:

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Comment by Ian Dobson (Drumworldtv) on June 26, 2012 at 12:21pm

Thomas Kite's awesome chorus idea:

RE-cycle-IPso wantah make me shake me hips sooo!

Ya! re-CYCLE-ipSO make EVERbooty shake they hips SO!

re Re RE CYCLE it so, so---o we got-ta drum some!

Jump up! Jump! Jump up NOW!

I say Re-(name)-ipso up ‘N jump some!

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