Join me for the Steel Drum Party, Pineapple  Express Edition part 2!  Please bring your storm sounds (wind, rain, thunder) to contribute if you feel like so we can celebrate (indoors) the weather we are having.

Watch as, like a Teppanyaki chef preparing food from scratch in front of the diners, I attempt to create all of the parts for several the songs, live, from scratch, mostly on the steel drum.  But even if I end up creating a culinary disaster, it should be entertaining to watch :)

I'll be attempting a John Coltrane tune, take a stab at John Lennon's Imagine, remixing your sounds, and something for the kids.

Click the link below to join today's (November 28th) steel drum party! 4pm to 4:30pm Pacific Time, live from rainy Seattle! Click the link below at 4pm or later:

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