Well this summer has certainly brought a lot of the “new” for me.  Lots of new technology in my steel drum setup (so fun!), getting ready to see new parts of the US in my fall school tour (76 schools, 7 weeks), and, most importantly, launching my new teaching program called “Ian Dobson’s Rhythm Academy”.

The next few weeks offer several public performances and appearances where you can come and hear and ask me about all this new stuff.  Here they are…

**Saturday, June 14th (tomorrow), 9am to 4pm, Washington Homeschool Organization Convention, Booth #916, Washington State Fair - Blue Gate, 110 9th Ave SW, Puyallup, WA 98371, United States

Link for Further Information:

Ian Dobson’s Rhythm Academy

I have a booth here to introduce kids and parents to my Rhythm Academy.  Providing music education to kids can be a challenge: finding expert teachers, gathering peers for group music making, transporting your students to lessons…
With the Rhythm Academy I am offering a unique solution that utilizes an on-line social network which can be supplemented with private and group instruction (via Skype or in-person) and live performance. The core of the approach is peer mentoring and frequent instructor evaluation.  The step-by-step on-line curriculum uses gaming elements, which kids relate to, in order to encourage helping fellow students while improving their own skills.
If you or someone you know will be headed to the Puyallup State Fairgrounds for the convention please send them over to booth #916 to hear more about the Rhythm Academy!

**Saturday, June 14th (tomorrow!), 2:45pm to 3:30pm, P.S. I Love You Festival, Percival Landing, Mud Bay Stage, 222 Columbia St. NW, Olympia, WA

Link for Further Information:
Ian Dobson's Pan Leggo--A Caribbean Steel Drum Party!!
The Oly Mountain Boys
Holy Oly Girls
Dana Lyons
Kim Archer
Che Oke ten
One World Taiko
Mukana Marimba
All Ages/Family!

Celebrating Puget Sound through music, film, food and fun!
P.S. I Love You Festival
Fun, unique experiences to connect with Puget Sound!
More than 25 booths offering hands-on activities for all ages.
Games and recreation opportunities, including kayaking instruction from 3pm-6pm.
Storytelling in the Harbor House.
Delicious local food.
Interactive “Drain Dare” crawl through adventure.
Tiny sustainable home on display.
And more!!
Evening Sea Cinema in celebration of World Oceans Day
The Sea Cinema starts at 5:30 pm across the street in the Olympia Center.
5:30 pm – Family fun, cartoons, and Happy Feet (a family feature)
7:45 pm – Local short films
8:30 pm – Pre-release test screening of Return of the River about the Elwha River dam removal
9:30 pm – Interactive Q&A session with film makers & screening survey

**Saturday, June 21st, 12noon to 4pm, Tommy Bahama, Bellevue Square, Bellevue, WA

I’ll be playing in store for their summer solstice store event.  I wouldn’t necessarily recommend going to the mall just to hear me in this setting, but if you happen to be in Downtown Bellevue at that time come by and say hello!

**Wednesday, June 25th, 6:30pm to 8pm, Vashon Library, 17707 100th Avenue SW Vashon Island, WA 98070
Bucket Drum Remix!
How are the Caribbean Islands, physics, music, and computers related?  Come and play bucket drums and help produce Vashon Library’s Bucket Drum Remix and you will find out!
In this program I'll shares how people with few resources in various cultures have used their creativity and resourcefulness to engineer sophisticated musical instruments from recycled materials. The primary example used in the show is the Caribbean instrument called the steel drum.  I'll begin the show by performing on the steel drum, getting attendees involved with dancing and rhythmic games, providing a bit of cultural and historical background, and introducing the musical concept of “syncopation” which is so prominent in Caribbean music. I'll then presents a section on the physics of the steel drum with the cognitive learning objective of students being able to explain a sound wave and how multiple different pitches are achieved on one piece of material. Recycled buckets are then given to the students and they are asked to explore the sounds of the bucket themselves, apply the physics learned from the steel drum to the sounds created by the bucket, and be able to explain the basic physics of how the bucket sounds are made.
I'll then explore syncopation more deeply by teaching students basic bucket drumming with the physical learning objective of students being able to demonstrate syncopation.
To finish up the show I'll introduce digital technology into the mix so that attendees can relate their workshop experience more to the contemporary digital music that teenagers listen to. Attendees perform acoustic sounds that I'll then capture digitally with the cognitive learning objective of being able to explain what happens to the sound wave when it becomes digitized. Attendees collaborate with me to decide which digital processes to apply to these acoustic sounds and a final acoustic/digital performance is created.

Age Limit
All ages but the target audience is Middle School, Junior High and Teen (ages 13-18)

Ticket Details
Pre-registration with the librarian is required.  Contact Ursula Schwaiger, Adult and Teen Services Librarian, Vashon Library.
Ian Dobson Solo

Come out to a show and celebrate what's NEW with me!

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