Steel Drums, Recycalypso, and Electric Cars

Good, chili spring to everyone!


I just returned from some great musical adventures in Merida, Mexico this winter.  I hope to have the chance to blog about them soon.  At the moment though I am too busy with the summer season ramping up.  I’ve already had a bunch of great events in April.


At the end of April I took the entire 5-piece band out to Omak to present my Recycalypso lecture/workshop and then do a participatory show for Earth Day.  What a beautiful part of Washington!  We had a great time and made connections with a wonderful community out there.  A big special thanks to Ebony Patterson for all her energy and enthusiasm setting up this event.  Omak is lucky to have her!


I’m presenting another Recycalypso workshop/performance in Lacey tomorrow. Please come down and join in the fun!  With the steel drum as your inspiration, you will explore creative ways to turn items typically thought to be garbage into musical instruments.  Gain a new appreciation for resourcefulness and repurposing and see how innovative you can be with creating recycled sounds while the electric car engineers innovate with transportation.  I’ll be handing out prizes for the coolest recycled instruments.  Of course you’ll also enjoy a Caribbean party with me complete with my steel drums and all your favorite Caribbean tunes.


Did I mention there will be electric car races?


You can get ready for the workshop in advance by going to and taking the Recycalypso Challenge… you can even win a prize by posting pictures video on line!


Last but not least, I’ve finally gotten around to creating my main www.iandobson.comweb site.  It is still under construction but there is already a lot there to check out. Please take a look and give me feedback.


I hope to see you this summer!


Keep dancin’


Ian Dobson


CLICK HERE for full schedule

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